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December 6, 2013 — 3 Comments

I’m really getting into this Elf for Health challenge. I’ve met a ton of great people via our social media community, while also being pushed to do something awesome and creative every day to be healthier. It’s proven just how much more I can do every day, which I love! I also love seeing everyone’s interpretations of the challenges, and people hitting goals and inspiring others. It’s the best! Slow clap.

This past week we ate the rainbow, which I’ve continued each day; went makeup free; worked out with a buddy, mine being my son; and today are spreading notes for Operation Beautiful. How incredible a task this is, and how fully I’ve seen people embrace it. This day will truly brighten so many people’s days, it’s an honor to be a part of it.


So yes, I’ve been a good little elf. But such a bad blogger! Sorry… :)

Yesterday’s workout with a friend included:

90+ minutes of walking with my 16 pound kid on, 30 minutes of that with the addition of 2 grocery bags. I got some funny looks from passers by.

Once home, and still in jeans and wellies, cause sometimes you just have to go with it as a mama, we did “kissy push-ups”, baby lifts and stretches. Alexander loved it! And so did I. Who doesn’t want to kiss an adorable, giggling baby at the bottom of every push-up? Sure makes them easier.


I also went to my new gym for a tour and a workout. I LOVE Me Fitness! And they have a bunch of kettlebells, so I got to bust out a good workout with proper weights, and it felt amazing! Boy was I happy to see the 16kg bell again! Smitten kitten. I know, I’m a nerd. And I have the socks to prove it.


Kettlebell workout:
5 turkish getups 5
Plyo pushups 5/5
Swings 15
Curl & press 15/15
Turkish getups 4
Lunge press 15/15
Overhead press 15
Turkish getups 3
30 push ups – 10 reg, 10 diamond, 10 tricep dips
Hammer press 10/10
Turkish getups 2
Squat jumps 60 sec
Squat pulses 60 sec
30 push-ups – same as above
Turkish get ups 1
10 swings

In other news: IT SNOWED TODAY IN PORTLAND! (In case my first Operation Beautiful pic didn’t give that away…)


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3 responses to Good Elf, Naughty Blogger


    I’ve been failing miserably with the Elf4Health :( However, getting to know my elf and learning some new tricks from the facebook group page has been great. Love the pics!

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