Adventures in Parenthood.

November 20, 2013 — 4 Comments

Oh you guys. Silly us, taking our baby on a run the last hour of daylight in mid-November! But it was sunny and gorgeous in Portland today, you say? Well yes, it was, and it was also in the 30s! Brr city.

He was actually not cold, aside from the wind on his face, which was surely annoying. He was in an awesome fleece bear suit. Annoyed, yes. Cold, no. WE were cold, people! Chad wore shorts. I wore running tights. We didn’t have gloves. We are dumb.

This run was meant to me short, just a few miles with a stop at the hardware store in between to get a few things. We made it there without much protest from Alexander, but he made it quite clear he was done with the jogging stroller once inside.

After perusing the hardware store, we took our rake, toilet plunger, and picture hanging supplies and crossed Fremont St. to take a look in Beaumont Market and see about dinner supplies. (We were still planning to run home at this point. With. A. Rake.) We didn’t fit down the narrow old aisles with the jogging stroller with said rake draped over; their meat looked gross and Alexander began to throw a fit — this trip was feeling like a comedy of errors!

I took him out of the store to see if the cold air would calm him down as it often does. As I feared, this was a cry only the boob could fix. My boy was hungry, and he wanted to eat right then, sports bra and freezing wind be damned. Ugh!

Long story short, I finagled my way out of my sports bra and fed him, standing up, with my leg on a bench like Captain Morgan, on the busy corner of Fremont and 42nd. I felt like a freakin’ warrior! Rwarr! :)

Thank god I brought our BabyHawke carrier and was able to snuggle Alexander in it for the walk home. He fell asleep, warm and cozy and Chad and I froze our asses off! Hitting bumps and knocking the rake off of the stroller the entire way. Parenthood is such a learning curve! At least we don’t shy away from adventure.

So all in all today, I ran about 1.5 miles, and walked 2. I also laughed a lot. I’ve been learning to laugh at myself more and more, and it’s such a gift!

Us once home:



4 responses to Adventures in Parenthood.


    You guys are so cute! I love that carrier; def on my Christmas list! It’s great that you’re able to laugh at yourself a little, as some parents seem to have a hard time with that. I can just picture your breast feeding adventure. Way to go strong mama!

    Also, which running tights do you like? I need a new pair for the winter, and have yet to fall in love. xo


    Oh. My. God. This post is amazing. I can’t tell whether my favorite part is that you bought a rake before making your return run, or the Captain Morgan image of you breastfeeding!! (PS: Massive, massive mama points for nursing with a sports bra! I don’t know how you even physically managed to do that!) :)

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