imageHey there readers! My name is Ruthie and I am the “she” behind “She’s Wicked Healthy.” I blog about clean eats, fitness, and how those are key in leading a happy healthy life!

I am matched up with Alaya through a blogger network participating in “Elf 4 Health,” where we support each other through daily fun health & fitness challenges. Today’s challenge is “Share your expertise” so we though we’d do a cool blog swap!

Well, I’m excited to be here and share some cold weather workout knowledge.

I live in the south, however, I am from New England so am oh-so-familiar with exercising in cold temps. I will surely get a dose of wintery weather when I am home for the holidays – bring it on!

Did you know that when working out in the cold you can actually burn more calories? Become less dehydrated? Yep, you read right! In colder temps, your body has to work harder and you sweat less, preventing dehydration.

Cold weather exercise is safe so long as you follow these 5 Must Do’s:

1. Avoid rain and wind.

Sounds simple right? Where I am from, people pride themselves on being “any weather runners” (my dad being one of those people) – whether it’s WICKED cold, WICKED rainy, WICKED windy, or WICKED icy – he’s out there.

Here’s why rain and wind are not your friends: the rain can draw heat away from your body faster than air, and wind can push air and moisture through your clothes making you even more cold!

2. Wear layers!

Layer 1 : Synthetic to catch sweat
Layer 2: Fleece or wool to insulate
Layer 3: Breathable or waterproof to repel any wind or moisture

No cotton! If temps are reallllly down there, throw on a face mask or scarf, too – this warms the air before it goes down your pipes. :)

3. See above but DON’T PILE IT ON TOO THICK!image

You should feel chilly at first – your body will warm up once you get going. You don’t want to sweat a ton and then lock in that moisture. Damp skin = heat loss = lower body temp = risk of hypothermia. DUN DUN DUNNNN.

4. Protect your head, fingers, and toes!

The core is where blood flow is centralized. That means your extremities are more likely to miss out on the action and get cold. Gloves – check! Thermal socks – check! Hat – check! (Trap the heat – your head is a big source of heat loss!)

5. Don’t be crazy.

Know the warning signs – numbness, tingling or burning, shivering – you do not want to experience these, and if you do – take it inside ASAP.
Also, remember, if it’s just too cold, you’ve gotta be flexible and also committed to making another option happen. An at home workout or the gym will do ya.

With these tips, you can enjoy a wicked healthy and wicked safe winter season!



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Wicked Healthy Wonderings:

What is your favorite article of winter weather workout gear?
Do you prefer to exercise in warm or cold temps?

Good Elf, Naughty Blogger

December 6, 2013 — 3 Comments

I’m really getting into this Elf for Health challenge. I’ve met a ton of great people via our social media community, while also being pushed to do something awesome and creative every day to be healthier. It’s proven just how much more I can do every day, which I love! I also love seeing everyone’s interpretations of the challenges, and people hitting goals and inspiring others. It’s the best! Slow clap.

This past week we ate the rainbow, which I’ve continued each day; went makeup free; worked out with a buddy, mine being my son; and today are spreading notes for Operation Beautiful. How incredible a task this is, and how fully I’ve seen people embrace it. This day will truly brighten so many people’s days, it’s an honor to be a part of it.


So yes, I’ve been a good little elf. But such a bad blogger! Sorry… :)

Yesterday’s workout with a friend included:

90+ minutes of walking with my 16 pound kid on, 30 minutes of that with the addition of 2 grocery bags. I got some funny looks from passers by.

Once home, and still in jeans and wellies, cause sometimes you just have to go with it as a mama, we did “kissy push-ups”, baby lifts and stretches. Alexander loved it! And so did I. Who doesn’t want to kiss an adorable, giggling baby at the bottom of every push-up? Sure makes them easier.


I also went to my new gym for a tour and a workout. I LOVE Me Fitness! And they have a bunch of kettlebells, so I got to bust out a good workout with proper weights, and it felt amazing! Boy was I happy to see the 16kg bell again! Smitten kitten. I know, I’m a nerd. And I have the socks to prove it.


Kettlebell workout:
5 turkish getups 5
Plyo pushups 5/5
Swings 15
Curl & press 15/15
Turkish getups 4
Lunge press 15/15
Overhead press 15
Turkish getups 3
30 push ups – 10 reg, 10 diamond, 10 tricep dips
Hammer press 10/10
Turkish getups 2
Squat jumps 60 sec
Squat pulses 60 sec
30 push-ups – same as above
Turkish get ups 1
10 swings

In other news: IT SNOWED TODAY IN PORTLAND! (In case my first Operation Beautiful pic didn’t give that away…)


Burpees + ShimmyFit

December 1, 2013 — Leave a comment

Today was really fun in the land of the workout! I got to do 100 burpees for my Elf for Health challenge and then made up another day’s challenge of trying a new workout.

My friend Jaya owns Urban Fitness PDX in the Hollywood District, and her trademark class is called ShimmyFit. It’s a dance class, which incorporates a couple of styles — think jazz meets belly dancing — and some strength conditioning, like squat variations. I’m a dancer, but haven’t taken a formal dance class in years and IT WAS FUN! :) I’m going to keep going on Sundays and have recruited my little sister to come with me.

With my kettlebell workshop fast approaching, I’m planning to join my next gym, Me Fitness Studios (gorgeous!) and begin hitting the bells hard, 3-4 times a week. I’ve been limited the last 2 weeks using my bells at home, and so haven’t lifted heavy and I’m dying to do so again.

I hope I haven’t lost my strength. I still need to make gains in my bell weight — I’m going to have to snatch 35lbs 100 times to become certified to teach. Oh em gee. That’s heavy! I know, I know…it’s not really…but it seems like it. I’m hopeful though,that with dedication and consistency, I will get those gains quickly. I made great gains in my 5 weeks at StrikerFit. Just gotta keep going.


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2013 — 2 Comments


A little down time with my boy and a book about Lewis and Clark this Thanksgiving day. It’s been a long time since I’ve read history in any great capacity, and I’m feeling inspired to make 2014 the year of history books. I want to know as much as possible so that I can properly teach my son what is so often very improperly taught in schools.

Cheers to knowledge and a lovely celebration with family, friends and food!


The last few days…

November 27, 2013 — 1 Comment


Promises, promises. I wanted to update sooner than this, but alas we’ve been super busy with friends and family this whole week. We are making up for lost time since moving back to Portland; we want to see everyone! It will take us a while, but we are off to a great start.

The last 3 days of exercise look like this:

Walked 7 miles
Ran 3 miles
Did one KB workout

(I’ll spare you the details this time.) ;)

AND I’m participating in the Elf4Health Challenge, and it is so much fun! We are paired up with a fellow Elf for moral support, not to mention all of us Elves (over 800!) have created a lively community on social media. What great motivation to be your healthiest self!

Each day we have a new task to complete as a part of the challenge. There are food and fitness tasks, and those which make life easier and more enjoyable. For example, yesterday I cleaned up a ton of unwanted email subscriptions using, which felt great. Today I was supposed to try a new workout.

I would LOVE to have taken a Zumba class, as I’ve never done it and I used to be a dancer. It looks fun! I’ve done so much fitness-related, it’s hard for me to find something truly new. But because today wasn’t super convenient due to Thanksgiving prep and it being my brother’s birthday, I’ll save my new workout for this weekend, after the holiday. I’ll need it, right? But, I can possibly stretch the rules a little and consider the fact that I went shopping without my son (!!!!) and walked all around the store, my new workout for today. Haha… Hey, it doesn’t ever happen. I kid, I kid…I don’t really consider this a workout.

Happy Thanksgiving! Food post to come on Friday!

Short and Sweet on Saturday

November 23, 2013 — 1 Comment

Hey all, happy weekend to you!

Today was a good day. The Scrump had an epically long nap this morning, so after a delicious paleo breakfast, we took the opportunity to do some more unpacking and cleaning. It’s quickly feeling like home around here.

We took a two hour stroll as a family, complete with a fun stop at Red Fox Vintage. The walk was good, but I wanted to get some KBell in as well, so I just busted out a quick 100 single arm swings on each side, for 200 total, using my 20# bell.

Tomorrow I’m planning to go harder, and include a real KBell workout and a run. Gotta get it first thing in the morning when I have the most energy and time.

Till tomorrow…

I leave you with vintage shop dorkery and a breakfast shot:



Adventures in Parenthood.

November 20, 2013 — 4 Comments

Oh you guys. Silly us, taking our baby on a run the last hour of daylight in mid-November! But it was sunny and gorgeous in Portland today, you say? Well yes, it was, and it was also in the 30s! Brr city.

He was actually not cold, aside from the wind on his face, which was surely annoying. He was in an awesome fleece bear suit. Annoyed, yes. Cold, no. WE were cold, people! Chad wore shorts. I wore running tights. We didn’t have gloves. We are dumb.

This run was meant to me short, just a few miles with a stop at the hardware store in between to get a few things. We made it there without much protest from Alexander, but he made it quite clear he was done with the jogging stroller once inside.

After perusing the hardware store, we took our rake, toilet plunger, and picture hanging supplies and crossed Fremont St. to take a look in Beaumont Market and see about dinner supplies. (We were still planning to run home at this point. With. A. Rake.) We didn’t fit down the narrow old aisles with the jogging stroller with said rake draped over; their meat looked gross and Alexander began to throw a fit — this trip was feeling like a comedy of errors!

I took him out of the store to see if the cold air would calm him down as it often does. As I feared, this was a cry only the boob could fix. My boy was hungry, and he wanted to eat right then, sports bra and freezing wind be damned. Ugh!

Long story short, I finagled my way out of my sports bra and fed him, standing up, with my leg on a bench like Captain Morgan, on the busy corner of Fremont and 42nd. I felt like a freakin’ warrior! Rwarr! :)

Thank god I brought our BabyHawke carrier and was able to snuggle Alexander in it for the walk home. He fell asleep, warm and cozy and Chad and I froze our asses off! Hitting bumps and knocking the rake off of the stroller the entire way. Parenthood is such a learning curve! At least we don’t shy away from adventure.

So all in all today, I ran about 1.5 miles, and walked 2. I also laughed a lot. I’ve been learning to laugh at myself more and more, and it’s such a gift!

Us once home: